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    Default Urgent request to update the Stripe payments module

    Request to any experienced Zencart coder who may be inclined to take pity on me: could someone please update the Stripe payments module to work with the latest zencart and php8???

    I've run into trouble installing this module in my new fresh install of zencart 1.5.7d. After multiple failures I have come to the tentative conclusion that the module is just too old (more than 5 years) for the current zencart.

    I am DESPERATE to have a working version of this module. I do NOT want to have to change my credit card processor.

    Could someone who has coding experience please please PLEASE update the module? I would be happy to contribute financially to this - please let me know if this would be possible!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: Urgent request to update the Stripe payments module

    Follow ups to Stripe support thread please.
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