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    Default Paypal express not working

    On i have just installed the paypal express module, that ive done many times over the last 10 years, something im doing is preventing it from working and after two solid days of trying, researching, deleting and reinstalling etc i have finally given up and come here for help. on my site, i go through the shopping cart process, press pay with paypal, and i immediately get this error message: We are sorry for the inconvenience. The PayPal account authentication settings are not yet set up, or the API security information is incorrect. We are unable to complete your transaction. Please notify the store owner so they can correct this problem. (10002) 10002 Restricted account - Account is restricted

    paypal business is set up and verified
    api credentials have been both copied/pasted AND manually typed into the zc ADMIN, all other fields in the admin are correct
    IPN is turned on
    Merchant number is in place
    uninstalled and reinstalled the module in zc admin

    what shall i try?

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    Default Re: Paypal express not working

    So couple of things, first what version of Zen Cart is installed/ being used? It's not clear from the various references above to past performance and experience.

    As for copying the credentials, be sure to get everything from the PayPal site related to the the credentials as in some cases the viewed content has hidden text beyond what is on screen. Like the field looks to be say 20 characters long and every character is visible, but when ctrl-a is used in the field to then copy and paste there are more than 20 characters present.

    I've looked at the site and it appears that an SSL certificate has been installed, but also note that above the site is referenced using the www. prefix while once on the site the prefix is removed and it appears (I'm likely wrong as I'm still trying to learn what data I can get out of this new device I'm using) that the cert is primarily for the version not using the prefix, but offers service to several other prefixes. In either car, probably should arrange for your site to use only one version of the other, at some point, though it calls to question what arrangement does PayPal have about your site?

    Are there some sort of restrictions on your account? It could just be that PayPal needs to flip some sort of switch and that is something minor having a huge impact. What do they have to say about the attempted operations?

    As far as express pay through PayPal, when I just tested, I didn't see the option on a mobile device. Normally I would expect to see a button on the shopping cart and then when not there I would expect to see one on the "login" screen. If course is currently late in the UK and perhaps it was disabled to minimize customer frustration though the bottom of the site indicates that PayPal is offered....

    Other ideas? There's possibly debug logs about the operation and if there aren't, suggest turning on logging and reviewing the log(s) generated in trying to check out. As necessary, past here with private info obscured, when in doubt just use your own words to describe the specific contained data that is to be hidden. Please use code tags when posting the info(# button). Umm, could be some sort of block between your host and PayPal (though I thought they have a different code when that happens), the admin database may be pointing to a different database than the catalog side, May be logging into a different site than the one being attempted, any number of false start situations that begin happening when one gets exhausted, aggravated and or desperate...

    The more information provided, the more can be eliminated and or identified. Just don't give out security related details.
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