I think until Square WebPay is fully functional with One Page Checkout, it would be better to apply the patch suggested by Lat9 to the OLD SQUARE MODULE in the README for One Page Checkout. The patch actually gets the old Square Module Working, and it will work until Square abandons their old Javascript Library on 31st of October 2022.

Hi there,

We wanted to inform you that the SqPaymentForm JavaScript library retirement has been extended to 2022-10-31 and its functionality will be shut off after this date. Additionally new applications will not be allowed to use SqPaymentForm from 2022-07-21.

SqPaymentForm has been deprecated since 2021-05-13 and replaced by Web Payments SDK. We encourage you to migrate as soon as possible by following this step-by-step migration guide.

Check out the Web Payments SDK documentation and technical reference to get started today.

If you have any questions, drop us a note in our Developer Forums.

Thank you,

The Square Developer Team


At least by applying the patch and updating the old module, it gives people the option to use the OLD Square Module until 31st October 2022. A note can easily be added to the updated module text in BOLD notifying that support will end for the module after this date and it will stop working. And of course in the meantime, as I have said elsewhere, it buys some time for getting the NEW Square WebPay Module FULLY developed and working across the standard zen cart checkout and One Page Checkout. Even if somebody else comes along and develops their own version for Square WebPay, it will buy time to actually get a working version up and running.