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    Default FedEx Shipping - One Rate, SmartPost, WebServices, FICP

    Store Version: 1.5.7d
    FedEx WebServices version: 1.4.5
    FedEx SmartPost version: 1.2.8
    FedEx One Rate version: 1.4.5
    FedEx FICP: required - customer states v26 or higher but have not heard of this as a module and suspect they meant v2.6
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    (Apologies if posted in wrong thread)

    I have a customer that is asking us to assist in updating their FedEx Shipping modules. I have listed above the current versions of the services in use.
    Note that we inherited this customer (along with several others) so we did not do any of the original development but are now tasked with cleaning things up.

    I have been looking over the forum for a few hours now and have not found anything to point me in the right direction with regard to the FedEx Modules. When looking for updates to these module versions, I am not finding any references. I did find a community developer that has a Web Services module (numinix) but this has not been updated since 2016 so that would appear to not be of much use not to mention it does not include SmartPost, One Rate, or FICP.

    Looking at the code for the modules, there is no indicators or readme to tell me who the developer was or if this is part of the core Zen Cart code.
    I would have assumed with FedEx being a major carrier this would be built into the platform and kept updated but that may not be a good assumption.

    Are there any developers/users that are using the above modules in their store and have them updated to current versions to be compatible with FedEx current integration requirements?

    I do know we could use ShipStation and be done with this but that is not an option for this customer for reasons I will not go into.

    Any feedback would be welcome and appreciated.

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    Default Re: FedEx Shipping - One Rate, SmartPost, WebServices, FICP

    For the most part we have removed code that interacts with external systems from the Zen Cart core into plugins.
    So it's not part of the core.
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    Default Re: FedEx Shipping - One Rate, SmartPost, WebServices, FICP

    The latest fedex plug-in can be downloaded from numinix directly. The latest version is v1.8.1 which is posted on Jan 22, 2021

    I'm not sure if it includes SmartPost, One Rate, or FICP.

    At least numinix has a separate smartpost plug-in, which is updated in 2018



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