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    Default Re: No Longer Prompts For Password Change

    Quote Originally Posted by earp View Post
    In my case, the database was created just before starting the installation. I installed using http:. I'm not sure what the second part of your question means.
    As you step through zc_install, it asks for the browser path entered to get to your site. The question is if the https: version of the browser path was entered there.

    Does your or "this" site have an ssl certificate? Following through the install code of the 1.5.8, I don't see that a password reset would be requested on a new install if all browser paths are http: or all https: a follow on database install/upgrade may then respond differently, but the discussion here has been a brand new install via zc_install and first accessing the admin with the credentials generated on new install.
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    Default Re: No Longer Prompts For Password Change

    Quote Originally Posted by swguy View Post
    New database or upgrade?
    New installation on Mamp Pro 6.6.4 using SSL and full https url.


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