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    Quote Originally Posted by w9dkc View Post
    So, I went to the store as a guest. When I started clicking on links - noticed the address bar. It was redirecting to the old site which is still on the server. I left it there so I could get some of the many customizations I done way back when I had time....
    If i remember there were 2 files I had to edit to tell ZC where the files are located on the server. Who can tell me which ones?
    includes/configure.php (set to read only and must have its permissions set for write access, typically 644)
    Those two files contain the information to guide navigation to the appropriate web facing location as well as the correct file location on the server using the desired database (and credentials).
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    Default Re: Thousands of debug logs

    Thank you. I was looking in configuration.php. It's done a google likes the site a little better. Crawling it now...


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