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    red flag Error message I don't know how to fix

    I reinstalled a zencart v158 on my site. I used the name of my old database. After the installation, I realized the data in my old database was completely wiped out. I asked the hosting company to restore my database to the date before the reinstallation. But when I run the zc_install, the errors appeared.

    An existing configure.php file was found. The installer will attempt to upgrade your database structure if you choose "Upgrade..." below.
    Some problems that need fixing before we continue
    Incorrect PHP Version.
    The PHP version you are using (7.4.32) is not suitable.

    This version of Zen Cart« is compatible with PHP versions 5.5 to 7.3.x.
    Check the website for the latest version of Zen Cart«.

    Some Other Issues:
    There is a NEWER version of Zen Cart« available, which you can download from
    New Version Available v1.5.8 ::! Download Here
    The GZip Extension in PHP is not enabled
    [ NOTE: This may not be relevant if you are using Nginx and handling GZip within Nginx. ]

    I don't know how to fix it. Thank you so much for helping!!

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    Default Re: Error message I don't know how to fix

    Quickest fix.

    Create another DB (copy)
    Copy current DB (old) to to new DB (copy)
    Delete current DB (old) data
    Run Install to create New DB data using OLD name
    Delete data in the DB created by Install
    Copy the original DB (copy) data into the one created by install
    Run install again to update the DB

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    Default Re: Error message I don't know how to fix

    - So your previous store's version was 1.5.6?
    - Your site is now using php 7.4?
    - You want to have a live site in operation that uses php 7.4 or do you just want to have an operational site for now? The ability of your server to have php 7.3 used on your live site for the most part is likely to identify which of those two is possible.

    The above suggestion to quickly get back up and running will support implementing either zen Cart 1.5.8 as your current store version or if php 7.4 is the lowest php version available could be used to create a site using zen Cart 1.5.7. Thing is that php 7.4 is outside the boundaries of cast development of any other cart version as indicated here:
    ZC Installation/Maintenance Support <- Site
    Contribution for contributions welcome...



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