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    Default Re: Bug and error when adding music type product

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeel100 View Post admin plugin modifies that field, and others, because my datafeed has image filenames, product names, manufacturers names, metatags_descriptions and names, category names and URLs longer than the default settings for the database at install.

    Can you increase the db install file field sizes to a higher setting for image filenames, product names, manufacturers names, metatags, category names and URLs.

    My shop had 100,000 products in it and I had to do some extraordinary things to speed up page loads.
    - I could not put all images in one folder...had to create 4 deep categories (thus the long path names)
    - My supplier changed to cloud based images so some of my URLs were lengthy and getting chopped off
    - The home page would take forever to load so I changed the landing page to a specific category that had a few products in it...and eventually created and automated the landing page to be a random category or subcategory from over 2000 categories.
    - I also made the side and center boxes randomize products for the category being viewed
    - Too many to go into full detail on here...

    I had to change a few fields from varchar to text.

    Hopefully, none of my other admin plugin changes will affect how the cart works but I will review my install script file again...maybe comment out all field alter changes and see how everything works out.

    Thanks again.
    A question in here may not have been clearly answered, yes you could choose to have your database support a longer field length, though there are at least two things to keep in mind, one is the maximum length of that datatype supported by the database server for that datatype, the other is where else that particular data is captured for future use (e.g. product name is first listed for the product, but then once ordered is captured in an applicable order table.)
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    Default Re: Bug and error when adding music type product

    Quote Originally Posted by dbltoe View Post
    Just a thought. In some cases, they don't work but, have you tried converting the long URL's to something like tinyurls?

    I know it looks rediculuous to have such a long URL for a system designed to shorten them but they won't let that URL be shortened. Try one an test if it will actually work with those cloud images.
    I am not familiar with this process...will look into it.

    Thanks for the tip.


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