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    Idea or Suggestion How to get rid of "Q&A"

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    I am using zencart 1.5.8. There is a "Q & A" right under the header. How to get rid of it? See


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    Default Re: How to get rid of "Q&A"

    i would look here:

    admin -> tools -> ezpages

    and then look for Q&A and see if the header button is green. if so make it RED.

    that looks like it should do the trick.

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    Default Re: How to get rid of "Q&A"

    And one way to identify why that is the case is to look at the source code of the generated web page.

    Doing so, one sees:
    <!--bof-header ezpage links-->
    <div id="navEZPagesTop">
      <a href="siteName/q-a-ezp-6">Q & A</a>
    <!--eof-header ezpage links-->
    Although I've removed the site's domain name from the above.

    Following the info surrounding that "errant" text, identifies that it is being presented within the call to the ezpage header section of the template. Based on review, it also looks like it is associated with the ezpage that had the ID of 6, though URI twitters could allow that final designation to be anything and not necessarily related to the id number.
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