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    Default Debug log files location?

    Zen 1.5.7b

    Hi, I am aware of several issues on my website which are creating thousands of log files - is there a way to view these via ftp rather than in zen admin?

    I need to remove the old ones due to server space issues and there are too many to view through admin as I get an error saying the website cannot handle this request. I went to public_html>logs on ftp but there are hardly any left in there but still showing thousands on my zen admin page.

    Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Debug log files location?

    They are in the logs folder *under your cart home.*

    Your store home is typically under public_html but not always. Look at the DIR_FS_CATALOG setting in your configure.php file.

    But you can easily remove them with Admin > Tools > Store Manager - click "Cleanup Debug Log Files"
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