Normally,Wwen you click a category on the Tab menu to get subcategories (or click a subcategory in the categories box) the displayed next level subcategories have an image/link and when you hover over them a container box with shadow.

I want only the link text to be available with no hover box or at least no shadow.

This works correctly on our current 1.5.7C production sites, we use only the top tab menu and you click a category to go to the subcategories links where the hover only lightens the text slightly indicating it is active (although close inspection shows a box it is transparent with no shadowing and not as large as 1.5.8). When I upgrade one of these sites on the test server even though the setting that came across worked on 1.5.7c in 1.5.8 they try to display a subcategory image and the hover/shadow.

I have checked desktop and mobile and this problem appears on both.

Here is the system setup and what I have tried.

Server Specs:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
PHP: 8.2
MySQL 8.0.31 (I did confirm all recommended server requirements for 1.5.8 are present)
Test Site: "Virgin" Zen Cart 1.5.8 with demo data loaded, only changes made in troubleshooting are listed below
Test Site url: r o c k n r o l l s h i r t s h o p . c o m
Live Site: h u m p h r e y s t o w b a r s . c o m (production 1.5.7c site to see what we currently use)
Testing Browser: FireFox


From Thread Post:

Disabled the category Icon function in /includes/templates/responsive_classic/templates/tpl_modules_category_icon_display.php No effect file has been removed since it is normally not included in the template.

Tried admin > configuration > Image Required > false but that setting is simply turns on/off placeholders for missing images. Currently set back to True

In Configuration -> Product Listings I set:
Include Product Listing Sub Categories Image to False (no visible effect on subcategory images)
Include Product Listing Top Categories Image to False (disables the Main Category Image at the top of the subcategory display page)

In Configuration -> Images I deleted all settings from:
Subcategory Image Width
Subcategory Image Height
Top Subcategory Image Width
Top Subcategory Image Height

In Configuration -> Product Info I set
Previous Next - Navigation Includes Category Name and Image Status = 1

Sub category images and container still displays, unless otherwise noted setting are still set in admin.

From post

Disabled the .categoryListBoxContents img in /includes/templates/responsive_classic/css/stylesheet.css by changing .categoryListBoxContents img{margin-bottom:10px;} to .categoryListBoxContents img {display: none;}

This finally removed the images but the container with the shadow is still present.

I believe the css setting below should control the actions but I various combinations of disabling them but could not fix the issue:

.categoryListBoxContents img{margin-bottom:10px; display:none;}
.categoryListBoxContents a{font-size:1.2em;text-decoration:none;}
.categoryListBoxContents a:hover{}
.categoryListBoxContents{padding:20px 0;display:block;cursorointer;}
.categoryListBoxContents:hover a{}

I have also went through the Zen Cart documentation but found nothing in addition to the setting above.

At this point I have exhausted all I have found on the issue so can anyone shed further light on how to configure this to work?