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    Default Postcode Auto Fill support thread

    This thread is their to support plugin 'Postcode Auto Fill':
    When you enter postal or zip code in a form, this plugin auto-fill state, city and, if data available, street address fields in 'create account' page, 'address book' edit and 'new address checkout' pages.
    If multiple choices are available a nice Jquery/Javascript popup tool will appear on the right when hovering the field.
    Thanks to an AJAX query, all this is done on the fly without need to reload the form.
    Postal/zip code data are stored in database in new tables (One for each country). Three countries data are provided, US, France and Japan. Of no need to install all of them, you need the ones where most of your customers are at minimum.
    This plugin is nearly drop in type and should be easy to install. Hard part might be to build your own data for your country if not available yet. Basic instructions to do so are on the read me file and if it is not enough you have this thread.

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    Default Re: Postcode Auto Fill support thread

    Version 1.2 is now available in plugin section:
    Postcode auto fill Part 1
    New countries data have been added and now all countries that had zone defined in default Zen Cart except Canada are included.
    This countries are United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Liechtenstein (included with Swiss), Austria, Australia, France and its territories and Japan.
    Unfortunately plugin upload size is limited and I had to split the zip in two...
    Second part contains postal codes data for US, Austria and Japan (if you have installed Japanese zones from Japanese Language Pack ZC v158).
    Postcode auto fill Part 2
    You need to install part one to use these data.



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