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    Default Some Orders Processed via PayPal and Credit Card Processor Not Showing in Store


    Zencart 1.5.5e

    PHP 5.6.4

    Data Base Patch Level 1.5.5

    Customers are processing orders with PayPal and that are not showing up in my store orders. A customer emailed stating they did not receive an order confirmation. The order was not seen in the store but did receive order confirmation from PayPal. Same thing with Customer orders are legit and verified with PP and CC company. This problem is infrequent but can trace it back several weeks.

    Come to find out, these orders all have outdated pricing and one order was for an item discontinued weeks ago and disabled on the site. I am convinced these customers are ordering from an old version of the website... YIKES!!! I haven't made any changes or modifications for two months. Please help

    Thank you in advance,


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    Default Re: Some Orders Processed via PayPal and Credit Card Processor Not Showing in Store

    Unfortunately, being 1.5.5e, PHP 5.6.4, and all the changes to PayPal/ files in the past five years may well be part of the problem.

    First, I would check your settings in Admin >> Configuration >> Stock. If you are allowing folks to checkout even if the product's quantitiy is zero, that can lead to what you are seeing.

    As to discontinued, if the item had stock when discontinued and the link to it still works, someone may have bookmarked the link and used it to order the product. Product ID 1852 in sub category 37 of top category 8 may be discontinued BUT, if someone were to have yoursiteDOTcom/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_37&products_id=1852 bookmarked, they might be able to checkout.

    I would suggest you make sure Stock is taken care of and start an update as soon as possible. You host is probably going to drop the PHP 5.6.4 at any time. They may not even warn you. 5.6.4 will be nine years old in December and all support was dropped four years ago. Even PHP 8.0 is going EOL in November. The latest stable PHP is 8.2.6.



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