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    Default Re: category_product_listing issue

    Quote Originally Posted by jrcook416 View Post
    I have a forked copy of the GitHub repo with my individual build that I keep in sync with the current branch if that helps.
    Quote Originally Posted by jrcook416 View Post
    I'll see if I can look deeper into the diffs and see what I can see.
    the fact that you are looking at diffs suggests to me you are perhaps not running the latest code set

    Quote Originally Posted by jrcook416 View Post
    When I change the value in the Categories/Product Display Order box when viewing all of the categories, the dropdown works correctly and the reloaded page shows the proper display order.
    as determined by me and verified by @torvista, the latest code does not do this correctly. and the fix i provided does address this issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by jrcook416 View Post
    When I go into a category and look at the product listing, the dropdown select box changes and shows the proper sort order list for all of the products. When I select an element to sort by and change the value in the Display Order box, the page reloads and goes back to the category view. It does this for all sort orders regardless of which sort order I'm selecting.
    neither one of us is seeing this behavior. the product sorting seems to sort fine and there is no redirect when changing the product sort order that causes you to go back to a category listing.

    as you said, i would look at the difference in your code and what is on the latest codeset. but you did point out a verified bug in the existing code set; thank you for that!

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    Default Re: category_product_listing issue

    Quote Originally Posted by torvista View Post
    I applied the first fix and that worked for me. The issue/bug should only occur in the subcategory immediately below the top category listing:
    Looks like something went goofy with my merged changes somewhere in the Git workflow. I've rolled back to v158's stock file and it is now working.

    Thanks, y'all!



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