This is in regards to the FraudLabsPro contribution.

Currently, the plugin pulls the raw number from the Orders table to fill in the "amount" field of the API call to FraudLabsPro server for processing. I've changed it from just pulling the value to the following:

$check_status = $db->Execute('select * FROM ' . TABLE_ORDERS . ' o LEFT JOIN ' . TABLE_CURRENCIES . ' c ON o.currency = c.code WHERE o.orders_id = ' . (int) $oID);


$response = fetch('', [
'amount'          => round($check_status->fields['order_total'], $check_status->fields['decimal_places']), 
So far this does the job, but I feel there might be a better way to format and round the numerical portion of the currency. (The 'amount' field according to the API of Fraudlabspro only accepts numerical data. So I can't pull from, say, the orders_total table and present the ['text'] portion of that table.)

I tried to read through the ZenCart functions but couldn't figure out a better/easier way that reinventing the wheel per se.

Any advice would be appreciated.