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    Default Customer Details Page Is Broken

    Zen Version: 1.5.8a
    PHP Version: 7.4.33

    Website (Konaraw.Org) has been working for quite some time. Owner asked me to turn off some of the Customer Details like asking foo customers address and so on. Customers pay by check which they bring with them, so we don't need to collect that. I believe the last thing I was disabling had to do with COUNTRY and a dropdown box? but can't remember.

    I went to Admin/Configuration/Customer Details and starting at the top, turned off some address items. All of a sudden, the bottom of the page went blank and the right-hand EDIT sidebar disappeared. The page now looks like this:

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    I looked in the host access and error logs and don't see any issue. I cleared browser cache. I have uploaded a fresh copy of 1.5.8a over the existing files. I believe all the items have been overwritten and still have that same issue.

    The last lines of code on the page are:

    <td class="dataTableContent">false</td>
    <td class="dataTableContent text-right">
    <a href="*************/index.php?cmd=configuration&amp;gID=5&amp;cID=133" id="link_ACCOUNT_STATE_DRAW_INITIAL_DROPDOWN"><img src="images/icon_info.gif" alt="Info" title="Info"></a>&nbsp;</td>

    I am wordering if perhaps something in the database got corrupted?

    I created a new user at the store homepage and it looks as though he is asked for the information that is not shown on the blank part of the posted page here. So Admin can't see the configuration items but they are still active, so I guess just a rendering issue.

    As I was not making code changes but just turning off a few items, I did not back up the database or store files, so I can't just restore a current copy from earlier today.

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    Default Re: Customer Details Page Is Broken

    Quote Originally Posted by mshultise1 View Post
    I looked in the host access and error logs and don't see any issue.
    The place you should be looking, for a partially blank page, is in your /logs folder

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    Default Re: Customer Details Page Is Broken

    There were no logs created and I had spent hours looking at code and reloading files for 1.5.8a.

    I decided to duplicate the site in a subdomain and attempt the upgrade to 2.0.0 since many of the files might be replaced. That seems to work, so I will do a backup and upgrade the original site. It looks like I will have to do some theme changes, but at least the site will be back.

    It does look as though the only problem I had was that the Customer Details page failed to display completely but users created had correct info in their record.



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