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    Default Aust Post module

    I thought that I would "dig" this thread up from the archive My head has finally broken thru some of the wall surronding this module. I am using V1301, the module is now working. The calculation discrepencies are now solved . I am still stuck on why the ICONS are not showing.

    I need another head to help break down this wall


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    Default Re: Aust Post module

    Hi All

    Anyone got any ideas on how to add dimensions to products, using the Auspost module is says a 4Kilo LCD screen from Melbourne to Perth is $12.00 or so , it closer to $30.00, problem is the module is working on weight but not size, Also I would like to add Flt rate to some items as they will fit in an express post satchel so where they are does not matter, any help would be great.,



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