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    Default Problem trying to change bg of header/footer...already tried css


    I'm obviously css impaired, but I'm trying real hard to figure this stuff out myself because I know everybody here is busy getting the new forum squared away. But I need help and can't hide it any longer.

    I'm trying to change the background of the very top of my pages (behind where it says 'home' and 'login') and yet there's a white background there. I'd like to do the same background color for the footer of the page where it again says 'home'. I'm not having any luck making these changes in the stylesheet. Can somebody point me to where I need to make this change please? And if these are clustered in with other classes/ids in the stylesheet, can somebody give me an example of how to only make the change to these two things without messing up anything else?

    One other thing, if you'll look at my site you'll notice that the header and footer do not reach all of the way across like they should. There's a gap to the right of them, and I'm assuming I need to take care of that in css also, but again...not having luck finding exactly where. I know it's due to the width of my header image, but I don't know how to make the rest of the page ''fit' together. Real sorry for the newbie questions. I've been putting off asking for several days, hoping I'd figure it out. :-)
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    Default Re: Problem trying to change bg of header/footer...already tried css

    Visited site using Firefox.. could not see white background at top of page,
    however logo heading with three images is shifted to right.
    Suggest you download Firefox, install, and then add extension bar
    Web Developer V 1.02. This will show you all the css/divs etc and enable you to
    look what css settings govern all various aspects of your template, which
    is great BTW..
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    Default Re: Problem trying to change bg of header/footer...already tried css


    I have the same problem, but it is okay in Mozilla. In MS Explorer it leaves a white area at the left of the logo.

    Tried everything, any ideas for MS explorer?


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    Default Re: Problem trying to change bg of header/footer...already tried css

    Looks like you've made some progress since your original post, but in solving it have created a new one.

    Before discussing that however, you really need to sort out your stylesheets. You appear to be building your template based on template_default. This is good. However, as well as the stylesheet.css which is the correct one for this, you have also added stylesheet_new.css and stylesheet_original.css. This is bad.

    It's bad because they are intented to support the tables-based Classic template, not the near table-less approach that you are using. And worse, because they are read in alphabetically, they come after the correct stylesheet and override some of its effects. I'm not sure which one you are making changes to. I am sure that as time goes on this will turn into a nightmare for you.

    Anyway, back to your current situation. You site probably looks good in Internet Explorer, but broken in Firefox. This is because (I suspect) your solution to getting rid of the spurious white space was to delete a couple of lines that read
    PHP Code:
    <br class="clearBoth" /> 
    However, these had a function. Their job was keep the logo from riding up next to the navbar which it now does in Firefox.

    However, there are two simple solutions that take you forward, rather than back to the original problem. Either add class="clearboth" to the navMain div tag in your tpl_header.php or add #navMain {clear:both} to one of your stylesheets (preferably one that you will keep after your tidy up.
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