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    cardia payment module fails with Group Pricing

    I hawe a Cardia module from In this original version there it is a problem with the communication to the Cardia payment gateway. Cardia fixed this for me, check attached file. Now the module allmost work.

    If I make a buy for a product (kr 45), flat rate (kr 15) and Tax (kr 12) = total kr 60,-
    When i confirme this and the Cardia module relays me to the payment gateway th total = 57,- ???

    It also fails if I am a member of a group pricing discount group

    If I make a buy for a sum over kr 300,- that give me free shipping the sum after the module relayes me to the payment gateway is exactly right.

    We have tested with the 2 CheckOut module. The 2CO module does it right, what is so wrong with the Cardia module. Please help, I realy need this module up and running yesterday! :)

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    Default Re: cardia payment module fails with Group Pricing

    same problem here, has anyone at all got cardia to work without problems with zencart 1.3?



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