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    Default Attributes + Language Packs (See Pic Attached)

    I have a question in regards to the behaviour of the Attributes. When I enable a language pack and go into the > Option Values Manager.

    I will see multiple copies of the option values. If I edit the value I can see 2 Option Names and 4!! Option Values.

    I only have 2 language pack installed at the mo.

    I have included a screenshot please can someone tell me if this is normal behaviour.
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    Default Re: Attributes + Language Packs (See Pic Attached)

    Could it be the same problem this person is having?

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    Default Re: Attributes + Language Packs (See Pic Attached)

    hi, it is not the same problem, i have this problem from above as well, and probably that the source of my problems with attributes filter addon, couse overthere values and names of attributes are doubled
    its pity that no one ansvered for this question with any ideas. i searched through all threads containing "attributes" and "language" words and i havent found any ansver.
    at least its good to now that im not only one with this problem.



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