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    Help with install pleaseeee

    I am very... VERY "untechnical". I was happy to see step by step instructions on how to install in the zip file. I have an ftp, and I downloaded the Crimson Editor. I uploaded zencart to my server in the specified folder. Then I came to a screeching halt. It wants me to Creatie the configure.php files "Two files need to be created on the server. These are the configure.php files that identify the settings of your particular server and the location of the files that you just loaded. After they have been created, you will then need to change the permissions on these files" I have no idea what it's asking me to do here.

    Also, oh please don't laugh too hard... I've never used shopping cart technology before... I don't know how to utilize this software in my frontpage. How exactly am I going to insert the shopping cart and what I want it to do on my pages? I haven't yet gotten to the end of the instructions.... so maybe it will further explain things for me, but as of yet, I'm not seeing anything clear cut. Please help if at all possible. I have msn mesesnger or yahoo messenger if it helps at all. I'd be forever in your debt if you could step me through this!

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    Default Re: Help with install pleaseeee

    Permissions are a pain in arse especially if done through a control panel on the web.
    The best way to get permission changes is to create a trouble ticket and have the techs assign the permissions for you.

    From my understanding, after you have uploaded all your files onto the web server, try install the shopping cart. If you have trouble installing, then rename all the .htaccess files, and install again.

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    Default Re: Help with install pleaseeee

    In your FTP program ... if you click right on a file that you have highlighted you should have options for changing the permissions or chmod ...

    When first installing Zen Cart, you need to have the two files:



    The easiest way to do this is to rename the existing files in those directory called:


    to the new name:


    and then set the permissions to 777

    This is much faster than waiting on your hosting site's tech support and you should really learn to manage your files yourself for ease of use of your shop ...
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    Default Re: Help with install pleaseeee

    If your web hosting service declines the ' 777 ' value from your FTP access, simply try it out from your cPanel's web hosting service account. This should definitely work.

    Note: By the way, there are no CHMOD settings from Windows Server. Meaning, you'd need to, either, contact your web hosting service in order, for them, to set a higher permission level towards your account or, if you're the actual web hosting provider, you can edit this out from your IIS Settings under your control panel window.



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