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    Default Drop-shipping Purchase Order Mod

    I am very new to zen. I have installed the Drop Shipping Purchase Order mod, which seems like it will be perfect for my store, however when I go to "send POs' i check the boxes, click the button, the page refreshes, the database updates, but I receive no emails. The customer does not receive an email nor does the subcontractor/drop shipper. The Admin/Tools/Email Tool works, and customers receive updates regarding orders. This seems to be the only part of the program sending emails.

    Any Hints?

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    Default Re: Drop-shipping Purchase Order Mod

    Which PO Mod are you using? Where did you get it? What version of ZC are you using?

    I havn't upgraded my ZC to version 1.3 yet. I'm using a PO Mod that was made not to long ago and I havn't been able to find it again since the ZC forum got a make over. What I know from my version of the PO is that it was designed to work in tandem with another Mod called Ty Package Tracker. If you are using the same one as me then you might need this for it to work properly. You have to install that first then the PO. Here's a link:

    If this is not helpfull then please let me know where you got the PO Mod you are using? I want to upgrade to 1.3 but I need this mod so I don't want to loose what I already have.
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    Re: Drop-shipping Purchase Order Mod

    How do I get a copy of the drop-shippping purchase order Mod and what versions can you use it with???




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