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    Default Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    A HUGE THANK YOU to "DeepNet" your instructions were perfect and clear! This is just what I needed and it is working beautifully.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    I found another method that worked fairly well. Create a category. Make it Red (not shown) create a subcategory, make it green (shown) put your product in there. Turn the main category on once to locate the url, then turn it off. Works like a charm for me.

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    Default Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ajeh View Post
    Note: when using multiple hidden products in the same Category ...

    Issues on hidden products will come out with the Prev/Next as all hidden products in the burried Category now can be listed ...

    You might be better off using a product type to also help control this such as Document Product or make your own ...

    This way you can have more flexibilty on the product _info page and customize as needed for the hidden product ... turn off Prev/Next ... or what have you ...

    Also setting the Category as restricted to Document and Document General will prevent them from showing in the Categories sidebox when you navigate through the products ...

    The restriction on a Category of Document forces a mask of the Category from the Categories Sidebox ... and restricting further to Document Product makes Document Product type follow more rules similar to Document for the sideboxes ...

    This can also give you another validation method for including/excluding hidden products using their Product Type ...
    This works great for my situation other then I need to create the includes/modules/pages/product_info/main_template_vars_product_type.php file there is basically a blank template but I am not sure how to create the file. I am using a hidden category which in my case is category 21 and have it restricted to Document - Product. I want to turn off the Prev/Next buttons at the top so the customer whom I give the direct link to can only view that specific product then add to cart but not be able to see other products in that category . I'm using ZenCart Ver 1.5.5 Any examples would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    Hiddencategories plugin might be useful -


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