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    Will i have Session problems?

    Hi there,

    I'm about to install Zen Cart... but the server i'm with has PHP version 4.3.1

    will this be a problem with 1.3.1?

    (Fingers crossed)

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    Default Re: Will i have Session problems?

    You will likely only have session problems if you don't disable the "recreate session" setting in Admin->Config->Sessions.

    However, that said, there are other (minor) technical reasons for dictating v4.3.2 as a minimum for running Zen Cart.

    You really should get a "good" answer from your host as to why you're stuck on 4.3.1 ...cuz TONS of PHP bugs have been fixed since then....

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    Default Re: Will i have Session problems?

    4.3.1 is so hackable that you really don't want to have a functioning website with customer details on that server.




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