We are pleased to announce the release of the v1.3.0.2 patch.

What's New
Included are all fixes mentioned in the v1.3.0.1 quick fixes thread, and many more.
Details can be found in the /docs/whatsnew_1.3.0.2.html file in the downloadable ZIP's.

Full Fileset vs Changed Files Only
We have published both a "full" version and a "changed files only " version.
To upgrade your existing (v1.3.0.1) site, you can download the "changed files" zip, merge the changes into your site's files, upload them, and then run the zc_install/index.php to upgrade your database. When done, remove the zc_install folder from your server again.

If you are installing a new site, you can simply download the "full fileset" zip so you don't have to apply the patches manually.


As always ... Be sure to backup both your site as well as your database before attempting an Update or Upgrade to avoid problems ... be safe!