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    Default Coupon allowing more than one use!


    I have Zencart v installed and loving it!

    There is just one little is allowing a "one time use" coupon to be used more than once. When we tested it, it allowed the coupon to be used just like it should so we completed our test transaction. We went to do another test and input the same code, their was a response in red that "You have used this coupon the max amount of times...", but it still gave the discount.

    I have gone back and reverified that it is set correctly at 1 use per customer. Is there anything else I can check?

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    Not sure if it's directly related, but the following fixes are in v1.3.0.2, released yesterday:

    • fixed the incorrect treatment of ' marks in coupon name/description in coupon-edit mode
    • fixes to coupon-restrictions and added ability to add all categories as deny/allow option
    • fix for redeeming coupon on minimum order
    • fixed logic loop bug in ot_coupon module
    • Fix bug: GV Sent was including Discount Coupons on the display of the GVs
    • Added filter for coupon_type = 'G'

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    Did this fix the problem?

    I'm thinking of setting up a coupon that is a one-use-per-customer coupon.

    Thanks :)

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    My hubby will be installing the bug patch today, so I will let you know if it worked or not. I am hoping it will!

    Jen Hand Made Soap and Other Indulgences

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    I'm using 1.3.01 and tested my coupon usage as per your observation. It seems to be running fine and warns me when I tried to use a coupon twice - so perhaps its something that may not be fixed by the patch (?)

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    I've experienced the same problem and I'm running v1.2.5
    I found the following thread:

    So I tried the suggestion of closing down the browser and trying again and hey presto, the coupon didn't get applied and all worked as it should.
    Looks like a session issue needs fixing.

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    Default Re: Coupon allowing more than one use!

    If closing the browser fixed it ... then this is a cache issue ...

    Somethings when tested can behave oddly at the strangest times ...

    Why? because you are testing and building things that are changing in mid-stream so to speak ...

    Closing all of the browser windows, clearing cache etc. will help clear these issues ...
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