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    Additional Pages

    Can anyone please explain to me how to add the additional pages so that thein can be configured in the Admin -- Configuration -- Define pages editor area.
    I have added 6 more pages that displays but I cannot add any text to it. The properties is 777.
    Under Tools -- Define pages editor I can edit the pages but it does not dislpay!

    Please help or give advice where to go for help regarding new pages.
    the files are in the following directory

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    Why would you do this for when you can easily add new pages through ez-pages? by going to tools/ez-pages and add pages

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    Default Re: Additional Pages

    There is a mod in the downloads area called about us page. It is the easiest and fasted way to add define pages.

    Also check your settings under configuration / define pages make sure that link and editor are both turned on for the pages you are trying to edit.

    Thirdly, you say your pages are in /classic/ is that the over ride folder that you are using? Or are you still on the default template working? You need to make sure your defined pages are in YOUR template folder (for over ride) OR loose in the html_includes folder (therefore being the default)

    Hope that helps!
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