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    How to call JavaScript Slide show


    I recently upgraded a site we're working on to v1.3.0.2. I'm using overides templates. The site can be viewed at:

    DrByte had posted a response to this quesiton on an archived post: Javascript slideshow

    I want to do the same thing but on a global scale and I want to preload the images.

    I have placed jscript_slideshow.js inside includes/templates/ZC/jscript/ including the opening and closing tags.

    If you've visited the site, you will notice a grey box with top and bottom blue border. this is a background image in css. That's where the slideshow should load. images were placed in includes/template/ZC/images/slides/

    1. how do I call the script to display in that cell?
    2. the array is calling relative image files: images/slides/slide1.gif. is this correct or should I use absolute links?
    3. did I place the image in the correct images folder?
    4. how do I preload the images?

    When I followed the instructions in the Docs, I got a a blank space, equivalent to the slideshow, displayed top left corner above the logo.

    I must be missing a step. I have placed slideshow.html in the ZC directory just to test that the script runs correctly. you can see it here: testing files

    DrByte, can you clarify?
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    Default Re: How to call JavaScript Slide show

    sounds like you need a different approach from my comments in the post you referenced.

    I think all you need to do is insert this directly in the template file which drives the part of the page where you want the slideshow to appear.
    <script src="jscript/slideshow.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    I can't tell you "where", because the site you linked is either down for maintenance or not a direct link to your working files area.

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    Idea or Suggestion Re: How to call JavaScript Slide show

    thanks DrByte. I finally got it working. If you want to take a look, here's the corrected link:



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