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Zen 1.55f condition causing two problems:

1 - Admin is unable to search for products_model: VG-GP300-100, VG-GP300-254 however it does return VG-GP300-099

2 - Live site is not displaying SaleMaker discounts on the product category/group for Series 300 beyond 99+ products (300 products in category)

Reset Master Categories ID with Tools > Store Manager

More details...
Site has multiple categories, sub-categories and a lot of products.

SaleMaker was applied to one of the top categories - 300 Series.

SaleMaker discount is applied to 0 - 99 products in the category but NOT applied to the 100th product.

It happens that the products_model lines up the problem in the last digit series. This was helpful in proving a database problem as the admin search would NOT find the product but WOULD find the product on the live site search AND the product could be found when drilling down through the admin category product listing.

Somehow some of the products created at various dates and times in the past 2 years, moved changed etc by the client appear to have lost their way in the database causing the corruption.

Resetting the Master Categories ID corrected the problem for now.
Thank you very much for bringing this topic to life and helping to solve the problem!