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    Need help!

    I'm trying to upgrade my zen from 1.2.0 to 1.3.2, everything works fine expect the font size in the Product Listing page is very big (see pic), I've tried to modify the CSS file but with no luck.

    Which parameter in the CSS file should I change? I currently have to CSS file, one is from my previous template and other is the new one.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Post a url so that many can assist dorectly without having to guess.

    The css file from your old version is most probably useless as uses many different taggs, classes etc.
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    Re: Need help!

    Thanks, I've managed to change the font size but I still do not know how to change the bold back to normal. I'm running it offline currently so I'm not able to post the link to it.

    I've tried to change every "font-weight: bold" to "font-weight: normal" but it still appear as bold.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    If you can't let us look, you need to look with FireFox and the Developer's Toolkit and HTML Validator extensions installed.

    Then you can use the Information bar on the Developer's Toolbar to look at each item on the page.

    If you are able to directly edit files, you can use the edit CSS off the same toolbar to view changes as you make them.
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