We've had numerous orders come in, where 6% of the Low Order Fee was added to the order total / amount charged to the customer, even though the ship to address was to a state we do not have configured in ZenCart to collect tax for.

Our Low order fee is configure at $5.00.... and 6% of $5.00 is $.30

It does not list it as "tax," in the Order details of our ZenCart Admin....

But if you add the Sub-total, Shipping, and Low Order Fee... the sum is $.30 (30-cents) lower than the Grand total shown / charged to the customer.
Screenshot here:
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We're located in Pennsylvania, where the normal sales tax rate is 6% and our ZenCart is configured to charge Sales Tax if the Ship to address is to Pennsylvania. For all other ship to destinations, tax is not charged / collected.
So I'm guessing the $.30 figure is coming from the rate of 6% configured under the Tax Rate section in our ZenCart admin for Pennsylvania zone.

Note: We DO want to collect tax for the Low order fee IF the ship to address is Pennsylvania, However, the ones we are having issues with are ship to addresses that are not Pennsylvania.

Would anyone be able to help with this?

Thanks so much,