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    Default gateway

    I'm trying to convert from an ancient shopping cart, namely Dansie.

    It's some weird sort of gateway deal where you send the user to a URL:

    I have a "Merchant ID" a 9-character code, and
    a "Unique Security ID" a 12-character code
    (both seem "random")

    The current cart re-directs to the https URL above, presumably passing in those two values, plus whatever the order info should be.

    I've installed both the "" and " AIM" modules.

    Neither seems to have the functionality to do what I need, namely that re-direct.

    AFAIK, this site does not have an SSL Cert of its own, so the re-direct seems pretty crucial to get SSL...

    I'm using Zen-Cart 1.2.6d with security patches and a custom template, plus a hack or two for MySQL 5.0, if it matters.

    And, of course, they want this done yesterday. :-v

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    Default Re: gateway

    Correct. Neither module does that redirect.

    Does their account let them process in AIM mode? If so, it's pretty easy to get a low-cost SSL certificate and be up and running quickly.

    Granted, you really should also consider upgrading to v1.3.5 ... or at LEAST v1.2.7 (to get its security and bug fixes).

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