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    Default I think qhome has modules figured out! So, what about some guidelines?

    Tabbed Products Lite is one of many excellent mods, but the author has figured out how the over-rides work, and got some really got workarounds in the code.

    Which makes me think again about having standards in mod-making.
    A common uninstall routine that removes all sql, like Langer's and Tim's do, for example. And clear versioning.

    And more importantly, and register of all installed mods. Like Wordpress has, for example. We're seeing some REALLY good mods now, and I think a guideline discussion would be a good idea.

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    Default Re: I think qhome has modules figured out! So, what about some guidelines?

    I think that is a good idea! I'm not so good at coding, but I'll manage, so it would be an excellent help to get the mods in good shape and easy for others to use.



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