Though I haven't tested this yet, I do know that the Login Spruce Up mod is a cosmetic module which does NOT add or remove any default login functionality.. It simply makes the login page look pretty.. Therefore, there should be NO reason why with a little extra review that you can't get this module to work with 1.3.9a..

That said I have taken a glance at the v1.3.9a login.php page and the one included in the Login Spruce Up module.. I also did a quick comparison between the login.php from v1.3.8a and login.php file from this module. The ONLY real difference seems to begin on line: 54 (where the HTML code for the login page begins). So getting v1.3.9a to work with this module would require changes to be compared and merged around the same place in the v1.3.9a login.php file..

Lines 1-55 of the login.php from v1.3.9.a are NOT where the Login Spruce Up module is modified. So your comparison should start at line 54 of the login.php file from the Login Spruce Up module. Compare this section to the code starting on line 56 in the login.php file in the v1.3.9a files..

OF COURSE a version which merges in the 1.3.9a core changes would make this work unnecessary.. Until one gets submitted I wanted to post up my observations for anyone using this mod with v1.3.9a. I will test of course on my own and if any of this is wrong I will share with the community..