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    Default Group Discount and Coupon Codes?

    Hey there guys : )

    I was wondering if this is possible.

    I've set up some of my staffers with a 50% group discount so that when they shop they only pay half price.

    On top of that perk, they are also entitled to receive a select # of products for free. Now I thought that if say a product was $6 and their 50% group discount would take the price of the item down to $3 that if I gave them a coupon for $3 it would take that particular order down to a $0 balance.

    What I am finding in testing though is that $3.00 is taken off first and then the 50% discount is applied to the balance leaving money due from the staffer. Is there a way to get around this and have it work the way I want it to?

    Any help you can offer at all would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Group Discount and Coupon Codes?

    Re-arrange the order in admin>modules>order total
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    Default Remove Tax and Shipping cost when discount coupon applied


    How do i remove Tax cost and Shipping cost in checkout_confirmation page when Discount coupon apllied. It will not be added in Total.

    In Admin, Discount coupon Module details are following.

    Discount Coupon
    This module is installed

    Sort Order

    Include Shipping

    Include Tax

    Re-calculate Tax

    Tax Class

    Please help me.

    With best regards,



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