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    Default Cross-Sell Advanced!

    After realizing the current cross-sell module was very difficult to use if you have over a few hundred products, I contracted Chris (aka 'Absolute') from, to enhance this mod. The result: Cross-Sell Advanced!

    What this mod does:
    This mod uses all of the same functionality of the original mod on the catalog side. On the admin side, it allows you to assign cross-sell items quickly by first inputting the model # of the item you want to assign products to, and then input the model number for each item you want to cross-sell in the fields below it. Hit insert and you are done! Basically the idea is for you to use the catalog side to decide which items to cross-sell, and this quick and easy form to assign them. It also includes a list of the current cross sells and a search function to quickly find and edit/delete current cross sells.

    All credit goes to Absolute for doing the coding (and of course to Merlin for the original mod). I just came up with idea and the cash . I figured there would be many here who would enjoy it.

    I assembled this download myself so please let me know if it works or not (I merged the new mod with the original). Once I get confirmation it works I will take down this link and submit it to the official download section.

    The download includes the original readme along with instructions on how to "upgrade." Upgrading is easy, just upload the new files and you are ready to go - see the install.txt. (none of the original cross-sell files will be deleted).

    Here are screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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