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    Hey! I messed around a bit and was able to create a template of my own. Now can anyone tell me how I can add a language pack? I need to change this to the portuguese language but I can't find information on how to create a language pack!

    Oscommerce has a portuguese language pack, is it possible to transfere it to Zencart?


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    The OSC pack will not function in ZenCart...

    Basically, it is editing each file in the includes/languages/english folder for those statements that are presented to the customer. Not the code itself but the the items like login, logout, shopping cart, checkout etc.

    All of thse presented text are in contained single quotes.

    Follow my signature and email me as I have an older pack for Portuguese that needs to be merged/updated to the current version and I do not speak the language. So if you do and can use winmerge or beyondcompare etc. this would be a great start for you.
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    Please check the download area first,
    and also the wiki.
    Languages in the Localisation.

    The files may be released in the other related sites, please trace the links.
    And also it may had discussed in the forum and please search about it.

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