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    Default Display "Best Sellers" like "What's New" or "Specials" lists.

    Hi there,

    I'm new to Zen-Cart and I think it's fantastic. All of the developers have done such a great job and the support forum is excellent.

    I would like to configure my Zen-Cart system to display a "Best Sellers" page in the center column in a format similar to the way "What's New" and "Specials" information gets displayed. I would like to display a list down the center of the page of the best selling items and have the products listed from best selling to worst.

    I would really appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction on how to do this.


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    Default Re: Display "Best Sellers" like "What's New" or "Specials" lists.

    I'm very interested in the solution as well. It will be nice to have bestsellers link to display a list like new products and featured products.

    I found DrByte's reply as follows:
    As far as I know nobody's talked about doing that. But it's certainly an interesting idea. And certainly do-able.

    The intelligence for the "select" portion would go into a modules/pages/bestsellers/header_php.php file.

    The display intelligence would be in templates/YOURTEMPLATE/templates/tpl_bestsellers_default.php

    Language-specific text would be defined in includes/languages/english/bestsellers.php

    ... and so on...

    Also a line of filenames needs to be added in includes/filenames.php
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    Default Re: Display "Best Sellers" like "What's New" or "Specials" lists.

    I would say that DrByte has addressed this in a complete fashion....whereby this is not native to ZenCart but that the pieces exist to custom code this to happen. He also provided the basis for a start as to what and where some of the pieces are.

    It is a "Custom Code" that is required to do this and as it is not in the downloads section, it either has not been done or has been done but not shared.

    You might get lucky, and one that has done this might post, or you have to either do this coding or hire it done if it is of great importance to how you want your site.
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    Default Re: Display "Best Sellers" like "What's New" or "Specials" lists.

    Has anyone found how to do this?



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