I done a test order of my site and tried out paypal it all worked well until I received the Notification Of Payment email and when I click on the link or copy and paste it to my browser it comes up with this error...does any one know why or how to fix it.. My link that I click on is not on two lines and there is no spaces in the link either..I'm a little confused. I do what they tell me in entering the link but it still doesn't work...I want to be able to receive payment....

We have detected an error in the link or button that you just used. This error is often caused when a link is split between two lines. To function properly, the full link must be entered into your browser window.

To properly enter the link:
Copy and paste the first line of the URL into the address bar of your browser window.
Copy and paste the second line in the address bar of the same browser window, directly after the first line.
Make sure there are no spaces in the newly formed link.
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