I am new to Zen Cart and yes, I bought the book. My problem is New Jersey sales tax and shipping costs.

I am attempting to include a 7% NJ sales tax to NJ residents only. So If a person buys a product from any other state, they are not charged a sales tax.

If they do in fact buy a product from within NJ, they get charged the mandatory state 7% sales tax

My second problem is the UPS shipping module.

We only ship UPS because we ship mufflers and exhaust pipes. I did a mock order for a product and I noticed many things that do not belong

For example:
Per Item/ Best Way $5.00

Per Unit/ Best Way $52.85

Store Pickup/ Walk in $0.00

Table Rate/best way $6.95

UPS shipping rate Ground is (Example) $40.00 then UPS next day air is only (Example) $41.32

All this is based on an 18 pound item and it is all out of whack.

So, I do not want nor need the first four options but I do need to figure out how to configure the UPS shipping module to properly add the proper shipping price for the shipping method specified.

I can see an eighteen pound product shipping for maybe $25.00 Ground. But, it should ship for close to $100.00 Next day air.

Can anyone out there help?

Thank you
My email address is [email protected]