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    Default PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    Hello all;

    First off I would like to state that I understand that the developers here do not support PayPal's Website Payment Pro since without rewriting the checkout module any add on violates PayPal's TOS and may cause problems with their PayPal account.

    However, I don't understand the amount of resistance given to those who wish to discuss this on this forum. This is supposed to be a place to share ideas and possible solutions. To that end I am posting this thread, whether it is allowed to remain here, well only the "Zen gods" can tell you that.

    In search for an answer to how to get this to work I have read hundreds of responses from people looking for the same thing. When I couldn't find the answer I needed and the answer required by my client I went to the source; PayPal. The PayPal rep I spoke with said he has several clients using Zen Cart and PayPal's Website Payments Pro with no problems. I mentioned to him that I was under the impression that this violated their TOS since it didn't fully support the express checkout. He told me he would check on this and get back to me. Long story made short, he called me back and said he talked to several other reps who were doing this as well and none of them have ever heard of PayPal shutting down anyone's account because of this.

    No don't start yelling at me at what you may or may not have seen or heard, I'm only repeating what I was told.

    Bottom line: I went ahead and installed the add-on and it is working like a charm! I got the add on from the following link: this gets edited out please email me and I will send you the link). This was given to me by the PayPal rep.

    It comes with simple setup instructions, easy to follow and even though it says its for Zen Cart 1.25 I've got it working on Zen Cart 1.36.

    Now you will need to log onto the PayPal account and setup an API Certificate. Select the SSL option as this gives you the option to download the certificate file. You will need to place this file somewhere on your server, preferably outside the root directory, and then in the setup module input the location there.

    I hope that this post is allowed to remain as it should help many of those who have been searching for this solution. Maybe the admins can just add a disclaimer post to indicate they don't support it (which they have made abundantly clear ). Oh, and I hope I didn't offend anyone. I just want to help those who are in search of a solution to this problem.
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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    I don't know why this gets so little feedback. I really appreciate you posting this information and will try to integrate it soon with Zen-Cart as this is the only thing that i preferred on my old OSC-Store.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    Thanks, inthysite - this'll help a lot of us who want to use Paypal Pro.

    Having been involved with a couple of open-source projects, I can understand the Zen developers reluctance to return to the express checkout issue again and again. They have a vision, big picture-wise, of the project's future. They have plans to re-write the checkout module in the revision after next, and it doesn't make sense to change that schedule because one payment processor (Paypal) makes certain rules (which they apparently don't enforce, anyway).

    Zencart is a great product, and a little patience will, I'm sure, be rewarded.


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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    Thank you for the original post and I concur with those that follow. Paypal simply wants to front-run the other payment methods for their own benefit even if it interferes with an organized check-out procedure. I've seen the osCommerce implementation which is in compliance and it's awkward and probably a put-off to customers. I'm using this module (which works great) and if Paypal doesn't like it then I'll switch to LinkPoint or

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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    just for the fun of it did any one here ever contact Merec turcogolu about paypal 2.0
    same price as pro and it dosnt require the express checkout option
    it uses the payflow pro module.

    there is a really informative thread about it,

    but wait I guess it dosnt matter anymore. since when 1.3.7 comes out it has paypal express checkout and in full compliance.
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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    I guess now I'm even more excited for Zen Cart 1.37 to come out

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    Default Re: PayPal Website Payment Pro & Zen Cart 3.6

    /me peeks at the downloads ... what's this? a new release of v1.3.7?!
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