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    Default Fly Down Menus on Top Navigation

    I've been puzzling over this one for about a week now....

    In the ZenCart Admin, the top navigation shows fly down menus when you hover over each selection.

    How in the world can I do the same thing for the top navigation bar in my site?

    I have searched and seen add-ins for category fly out menus but nothing for the top navigation.

    Any suggestions about how to proceed?

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    Default Re: Fly Down Menus on Top Navigation

    Two things

    1. Look at the code for the fly out as to how the references are handled.

    2. Google for sucker fish drop down and son of sucker fish

    Apply the flyout references to the sucker fish ul li's and sub li's
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    Default Re: Fly Down Menus on Top Navigation

    Making progress on building flydown menus. Thanks for the suckerfish recommendation.

    Here is where I am (and a bit baffled...)

    I have modified


    and adopted the code from


    that builds the TOC on the EZ-pages.

    (of course all of these using the override system)

    The code mods that I made execute the TOC code one time for each entry on the header that has sub pages. This gives me a list of EZ pages in the same chapter that I put in the drop down list.

    The problem is that the the TOC code only builds the TOC for the current page that is being displayed

    Any ideas of how I can build a list that contains the EZ pages for each entry on the header bar and not just the current page being displayed?




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