Hi Everyone,

The site in question is: http://21361.com/store

I have installed the Payflow Pro module for cart 1.3 and it installed well, but when they go to checkout using the credit card. They get the following error:

"Error There has been an error processing your credit card, please try again."

I've tried past archive modules for 1.2e-f, and still no go. I've tried removing and reinstalling the module, removing the keys in the database for a clean install, rechecked the internal folder structure, tried on a totally different server, with or without ssl, as a sub domain... AND Nothing!!

Its running on Dreamhost at the moment. They have Miva installed on there, and is working fine with Payflow Pro, and because of the CGI wrapper issue with MIVA, as I stated before, tried it on my own servers... BUT NO GO!!

I really need some assistance here. Has anyone got Cart 1.3 working with Payflow Pro Verisign? What did you do to get it working? What should I check for when installing this mod? Anything to get this going would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! I'm banging my head on this one.