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    Default Mod Linkpoint connect from oscommerce

    I know some of u skilled PHP professionals have modified a lot of scripts to work in Zen Cart.

    I have a website i have worked on for several years (sells INS for SPorts) and now wants to Take a step into the credit card payment for purchases.

    Want to be able to apply discounts for certain customers.. so i thought best to use Zen Cart since i have used it before..

    Pretty much doesnt want to change hosting compaines. .so I had to get him to include a mysql Database from the host.. Make sure cUrl was open and now i need to make the cart work..

    Right.. I can get switched to LinkpointAPI but not sure i can get him to pay for an SSL..

    Was hoping to use the linkpoint connect option but wouldnt have a clue..

    Any suggestions?



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    Default Re: Mod Linkpoint connect from oscommerce

    $15 or $20 for a Cert is too much? Get real.
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    Default Re: Mod Linkpoint connect from oscommerce

    There is no LP Connect module for Zen Cart as far as I know.
    I cannot see any logical reason to use Connect anyway.

    SSL certificates are inexpensive.
    Linkpoint API signup via our Partners page is free.
    Monthly costs are lower than most other CC processors.

    If you want to use the Connect option, you'll have to adapt/write the code for it, and then deal with all the security risks involved in passing authorizations back and forth without being spoofed etc.

    In my opinion, the integrated option (API) is the simpler and better approach.

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