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    Default How can I override the checkout_success return URL

    As I understand it the PayPal IPN passes its own variables to PayPal so that when a customer pays, it returns them to a predefined 'Thank you' URL.

    I've tested it by telling PayPal to go to a different url ( but it won't let me go there

    Can anyone tell me what I need to edit so the IPN passes the URL I want the customer to return to?

    I have searched and searched......

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    Default Re: How can I override the checkout_success return URL

    How many times are you going to ask the same question?
    the url HAS TO GO TO /shop/
    thats where the file is,
    and it has to access,

    both the ipn_main_handler and checkout_process, which then triggers checkout success which writes the order.....

    so you cant bypass these, and force it to go back into the frame,
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    Default Re: How can I override the checkout_success return URL

    Please see other thread for help ... thanks!
    Linda McGrath
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