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    Default Change Free Shipping image

    I want to customize the FREE SHIPPING image and a few of the other images, when items are selected, as well as the art that email's/newsletters send. Where are all of these found?

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    Idea or Suggestion Re: Change Free Shipping image

    do one thing

    right click on the image

    select properties

    here you can find the whoel path of the any image of your zencart

    now go to ur FTP acc.

    navigate to that path and downlaod that image change in photoshop and upload .


    main image path:
    1: root/images general images
    2: root/includes\templates\template_default\images ur shipping icon
    3: includes\templates\template_default\buttons\english all buttons


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    Default Re: Change Free Shipping image

    Great thanks for the path.
    I use safari as a browser and it does not show a path when I right click or scroll over image.



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