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    Default click on store or click on admin after install

    Install was a breeze up to the Congratulations ... now click on STORE or click on ADMIN .... in so doing I get these errors, respectively:

    Fatal error: Class messagestack: Cannot inherit from undefined class tablebox in .../ on line 20

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: cache in ... / on line 14

    ... and that means ... !?!
    ... and the resolve is ... !?!

    Thanks guys,
    Al Toman

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    Default Re: click on store or click on admin after install

    I suspect it's related to timeouts on file-uploads (hope you're not using CuteFTP or a browser-based FTP tool) (... FileZilla recommended), or perhaps when you unzipped you ended up with files not being located in the proper folders, and thus did not get uploaded to the proper location either.

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    Default Re: click on store or click on admin after install

    Yeah? So, Cute isn't so cute after all, hey?

    So ... can I re-retry upload the includes folder?

    thanks again, Doc!

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    Default Re: click on store or click on admin after install

    Reuploading the 'includes' dir. then the 'admin' directory, should solve the problems.

    As initial upload involves around 1,700 files, it quite common that a few files do not get uploaded. A good FTP program will tell one if files did not get uploaded. Have a look to see if yours does. It is a handy feature to know about.



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