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    Default Publicly download files in /download

    I've got downloads configuredly fine and all is well, but my client wants to be able to send the URLs of the /download folder to a reseller so they can download the files to sell on their store.

    My problem, accessing /store/download brings up a user/pass prompt, so I enter the cart's administrator user/pass thinking I might get access. No dice.

    Is there anyway to get these files without taking the htaccess rules away for a couple hours while the reseller downloads them?

    I could also provide FTP access to the folder, but wanted to find out if there is a more secure way of doing this first (I don't want a reseller messing about the site's files).

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    Default Re: Publicly download files in /download

    Short of placing orders for those products in order to generate download links, Zen Cart provides no automated way to bypass the security.

    You could rename the .htaccess file temporarily if you wish. But this is a one-time solution.

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    Default Re: Publicly download files in /download

    Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I'll just have to do that. Thanks.



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