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    Default Product Listing Messed Up


    We were forced to do immediate upgrade by host with no real notice Because of this we had to disregard the test upgrade site we were working on and work on doing it for real. We're slowly getting there but cant work out whats gone wrong with our products

    Example here:

    It used to only have product name there (in yellow) and description would then be shown once you click into the item. My husband believes its to do with the stylesheet for products but we cant work out where to change things or what to change - can anyone help?

    Cheers, Nickki

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    Default Re: Product Listing Messed Up


    This was fixed by turning off the product description options in all listings, new listing, product listing, featured listing in admin.

    The option needed to be set to 0. The reason this was causing such a problem was that we are using the column grid layout and displaying the product description when viewing the items together was causing a mess.





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