I really wasn't sure where to post this question. Perhaps a custom code questions forum is needed, for snippets like this? I reckon this is a code issue dealing with orders, so here goes.

I want to reconcile a line that controls the HTML display of our custom purchase order module, with the new code that displays credit card type. I didn't get it to work in 1.3.6 and I still haven't gotten it to work in 1.3.7.

Here's your code in includes/classes/order.php approx line 956
$html_msg['PAYMENT_METHOD_FOOTER'] = (is_object($GLOBALS[$_SESSION['payment']] && $GLOBALS[$payment_class]->email_footer != '') ? $GLOBALS[$payment_class]->email_footer : $this->info['cc_type'] );
Here's my code for displaying purchase order info in emails, invoices, browser, and packing slips. This works fine, but doesn't show credit card type:
$html_msg['PAYMENT_METHOD_FOOTER'] = (is_object($GLOBALS[$_SESSION['payment']]) ? sprintf($GLOBALS[$payment_class]->email_footer, $this->info['account_name'], $this->info['account_number'], $this->info['po_number']) : ' ');
How to mush these together? Each works on its own. I've tried a few variations in webmonkey manner, but I only get parsing errors.

Bountiful thanks in advance to PHP code-knowledgeable persons.